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We offer retailers and affiliate merchants an easy, quick and free way to reach a dedicated audience of consumers who are avid bargain hunters.

Our simple but highly effective display module allows for the promotion of offers, deals, bargains, discounts, coupons, vouchers and sales events.

If you’re looking to give your sales a boost without having to suffer advertising costs then list your offers on today.

Getting Started

Step 1

Register your account today.

Step 2

Check your email account for the activation link and click it.

Step 3

Your account is now active. Log in and start posting all your fantastic offers.

Yes, it’s that easy.  Need help on how to create a bargain ad? Check out our quick and easy Ad Tutorial below – essentially if you can post on Twitter then you’ll find equally as easy to use.


How to Post Bargain Ads

Step 1

Log into your account.

Step 2

You’ll want to post bargains in relevant categories so start off by visiting each of the categories you would like to post in and ‘Join’.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before posting your offers visit each of the categories you wish to post in and ‘JOIN’ those categories. This will allow you to select a category for each bargain you promote and allows our bargain hunting audience to find what they want through the category system.

Step 3

You will now see a field that allows you to enter text under the ‘Latest Fantastic Bargains’.

Step 4

Enter information on separate lines; for example lay it out as:

Product Title

Was £0.00 | Now £0.00 | You Save £0.00

Product URL

By placing each piece of relevant information on a separate line it makes it very easy for your potential customers to determine what you are offering and at what price.

Step 5

Choose a category in which to post your offer.  This allows our consumer users to navigate the Bargains Menu to discover great offers in particular products they are looking for.

Warning: DO NOT post in irrelevant categories … we’ll ban you if you repeatedly do so!

Step 6

Choose an image if you have one.

Step 7

Press ‘Post Update’ You’re done! That’s it and it takes on average about 30 seconds to create and post an ad.

Your bargain ad will now appear on the Home Page and within the category you selected.

Need to know anything else? Contact us for support, inquiries or anything else you need.

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